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2017 Nashville Medical Qigong Training

Together with other Nashville area Medical Qigong providers, 5 Virtues and J Michael Wood are excited about the depth and diversity of offerings coming up.

1-Day Qigong Seminar

January 28, 2017

Medical Qigong Practitioner Training

Classes start on February 22, 2017

Medical Qigong can reduce emotional and physical stress; promote healing before and after surgery; dissipate emotional stagnation; and work with other therapies to fight chronic diseases.


J Michael Wood

My Nashville Qigong practice helps clients dissipate the energetic charge around emotional issues, freeing the natural flow of life force energy, or Qi, in the body. This promotes optimal physical health and restores emotional balance.

I also train Medical Qigong Practitioners, teach breathwork techniques and work with other Nashville providers to bring more attention to Eastern healing therapies.

The Chinese word Qigong (pronounced chee gong) means energy (or spirit) skill. 5 Virtues Qigong is named for the 5 virtues in traditional Chinese medicine, which form a creative cycle reflected in the health of our organs, bodies and minds.