MQP Certification Course Reviews

I attended all four 16-week sessions of the Medical Qigong course taught by J. Michael Wood. The course was recommended by family members and I found it an important enhancement to my understanding of the healing philosophies and practices embraced in early Chinese doctrine.  In addition, placing the concepts into practice during the teaching sessions was essential in terms of reinforcing the theory and experiencing the effects. A very thorough and instructive course.


Nashville Medical Qigong Training

Many students who complete the MQP training in Nashville go on to practice Medical Qigong.

Having completed the basic 16-month Medical Qigong training program I confidently recommend it to anyone interested promoting healthy living for themselves and their loved ones. Here in middle Tennessee we are extremely fortunate to have access to this ancient knowledge.  I  believe the simple yet elegant beauty of medical Qigong in its practical applications toward promoting continued good health and as well as practices to assist in recovery from illness is one of the most empowering opportunities we can hope for.  Even if you are unable to complete the entire program I think the time spent will be most satisfying.

–J.Johnson, Ph.D.

“As my instructor for nine courses in Medical Qigong to obtain a Master of Medical Qigong from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, J. Michael was always passionate and knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge with all of us. He was always there to help others. J. Michael also shared his knowledge of other esoteric practices with us students as well. I would highly recommend J. Michael’s classes and practice of Medical Qigong, whether it is to assist others or for personal health and improved life.”

 “J. Michael is a powerful healer who brings great heart and enthusiasm to what he teaches. And the Qigong itself, in terms of its tools for balancing oneself and others, is enough to change your life in remarkable ways.”

–Dodge R., Clinical Psychologist

“I was a student in J. Michael’s very first class (June,2006) and then went on to complete the 200-hour Medical Qigong Practitioner course. Little did I know that my life would be forever changed. Thanks for your commitment, your competence, and your compassion. Most of all though, thanks for your friendship.”

–Bill McEwen

“It is a sheer joy to take Medical Qigong classes with J. Michael Wood.  His enthusiasm for the material is infectious.  I would highly recommend anyone and everyone take these classes.  The benefits to your health and well being are infinite.”

–Christy Koster