One-day Nashville Qigong Seminar

Medical Qigong Introduction- Registration is open now!

The next date for the 1-day seminar in 2022 will be Saturday, May 21st, from  9 am – 4 pm.

This Nashville Qigong seminar will cover some of the basic techniques for advanced energy work in Medical Qigong and Conscious Breathing.

In addition, we will focus attention on proper breathing mechanics to enhance Qi and awareness of how improper breathing mechanics can adversely affect health.

  • Learn to experience the flow of energy (Qi) within yourself
  • Learn to feel how energy flows between people
  • Learn a traditional Medical Qigong grounding technique used in Chinese hospitals
  • Learn how to protect your energy field while treating or massaging your clients
  • Learn to recognize and correct breathing irregularities that cause “fight or flight” syndrome
  • Learn a simple but effective technique to clear emotional discomfort

LOCATION: 500 Castlegate Drive, Nashville , TN 37217
TUITION:  $120; Online payment through PayPal: use
RESERVATIONS: 615.366.8940 or
No Prerequsites, but reservation is required due to space limitations.

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