Corporate Wellness Programs

Stress is not simply a personal issue.

Stress is a business problem with huge costs in lost productivity. The best estimate, from a survey done well before the Great Recession, is that stress costs U.S. businesses an estimated $300 billion a year.

Stress also rolls downhill. Stressed-out executives may add pressure to a workplace where employees themselves may already be stressed by work, family problems, financial issues and health concerns.

Nashville Workplace Wellness

JMichael Wood also offers on-site workplace wellness programs.

JMichael spent years in a high-stress, high-stakes sector – the financial services industry. He believes his lack of stress management skills contributed to his strokes, with a temporary loss of sight. Qigong, along with new, proper breathing habits, turned JMichael’s physical dilemma to a more healthy balance of spirit, mind and body.

The proof of the power of these techniques to effect positive change inspired him to teach and treat others.

JMichael has worked with board members and C-Suite executives; several Nashville area businesses also have invited him to lead workplace wellness workshops. Chronic stress harms the body’s immune system, makes executives and employees alike more prone to illness and erodes productivity. He targets unhealthy breathing patterns and teaches conscious breathing skills to get employees out of the “flight or fight” response that accompanies stress.

A little training in breathing can go a long way toward promoting a more peaceful and productive workplace.

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