Medical Qigong in Nashville

Medical Qigong is about healing energy that is cultivated through posture, breath and intention.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the Five Yin organs, or five major solid organs, house the 5 Virtues of the original spirit. The Yin organs also acquire the mental constructs of a group of toxic emotions brought on by emotional and physical trauma:

  • Heart – anxiety, shock, unforgiveness, long-term memory of emotional trauma
  • Spleen – worry, obsession, self worth issues
  • Kidneys – fear, loneliness
  • Liver – anger, jealousy, resentment, depression
  • Lungs – grief, sorrow, shame, guilt, despair

Dissipating the energy charge around these emotional constructions allows the original human spirit to re-emerge and removes hindrances to the important original attributes each organ holds. Treatment uses three modalities – purgation, tonification, regulation – to achieve physical health and emotional balance.

The mechanics of proper breathing are taught first, creating ease and flow of breath to supply maximum oxygen to the organs, calm the nervous system and create a healing state of mind. Mental imagery also is used to override previous unbalanced breathing techniques and habituate conscious breathing and posture.

At 5 Virtues in Nashville Qigong therapy has multiple goals:

  • Dissipate the energetic charge around emotional issues
  • Purge blockages and excess energy
  • Tonify deficiencies
  • Balance Yin and Yang

Healthy, natural energy flow restores physical wellbeing and restores the organs to energetic balance, allowing the attributes that Traditional Chinese Medicine groups as the 5 Virtues to manifest.

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