One of the earliest names for Qigong was “Tu na”

  • Tu – exhale
  • na – inhale

This ancient, esoteric science and discipline has always been about the science and practice of proper breathing.

Qi Breathing

The symbol that represents Qi, or Life Force Energy, shows rice inside a cooking vessel with steam (Qi) rising above it.

But did you know:

  • Most people don’t breathe properly.
  • When stressed, our breathing mechanics change – not necessarily for the better.
  • The stress-related pattern becomes habit and is at the root of most stress-related disorders.

Breathwork Techniques

When we are out of balance and stressed, the sympathetic response of Fight or Flight dominates. Neuroscience places the source of this survival mode in our limbic, or more primitive, brain. As human beings, however, we, our brains and our bodies are capable of much, much more. JMichael’s breathwork techniques allow you to establish control of your emotional and physical body with just a few mechanically correct breaths. This stimulates the parasympathetic response – Rest, Digest, Heal – and inhibits the near-automatic sympathetic response.

Proper breathing is the foundation for good health and healing. The techniques JMichael uses at 5 Virtues Qigong are an amalgam of his training with The Hendricks Institute, The Optimal Breathing School, Daoist, Buddhist, and Medical Qigong training. With his techniques, you will learn proper breathing mechanics as a stepping off place to the emotional detoxing technique of “Open the door – Remove the thief.”

Combined with classical Medical Qigong treatment, the breathwork is taught first so it becomes automatic, creating the foundation in the body for optimal health and well-being.

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