Reviews of JMichael Wood as a Healer and Therapy Provider

“I was a client of J. Michael Wood following the unexpected death of my son and due to my inability to clear the impact of the associated trauma.  The extreme grief of the situation caused me to freeze up psychically.  Working with J. Michael and his techniques of medical Qigong facilitated my emotional healing and rebalanced my physical presence.”


 “I was living inside a toxic story: qigong therapy with J.Michael wood opened a new path of structured exercise, meditation, and visualization. It helped me enormously.”

–Jim Lang

“Qigong with J. Michael Wood is much more than an exercise class; it’s about balance: physical, emotional, and spiritual.”

–Cecilia Grespan

“After the first treatment with JMichael, I felt 10 years younger. The amount of stress in my body that was relieved was remarkable. The exercises (breathing and Qigong) he gave me to complete after the treatment helped me keep the stress-related symptoms from recurring. The Song Kong Tong exercise is a life-changing tool for clearing emotional baggage.”

— S.C.

“I began working with JMichael after the sudden death of my father. I was having difficulty taking deep breaths. I learned in my session that sorrow settles in the lungs. After two sessions with him, friends told me the light was back in my eyes. His work is powerful and is delivered in a personable, gentle manner. He has helped me learn simple techniques to heal myself and maintain physical and emotional health. I highly recommend this work for anyone who wants to heal the roots of problems rather than simply treat the symptoms.”

— L.R.

“JMichael Wood is a highly skilled Medical Qigong Master with an ability to feel energy blocks/deviations and to restore proper energy flow. He has a keen sense of detecting emotional blocks and is most helpful in guiding and assisting patients in clearing them if and when they are ready. Medical Qigong has been a great healing modality for me and I am so thankful to have someone with his ability and skill in the Nashville area.”

— J.W.