From an abuse survivor

I am sharing the full text of the testimonial below in hopes it will touch others who might be giving up. The woman, an abuse survivor, was in therapy for 48 years before she came to me.

J Michael is a unique teacher even for those of us who are seekers. Since I am an adult survivor of abuse since babyhood, I was working in murky territory. I can tell you I had tried everything to cure myself, and when medical help didn’t suffice, like most women I immediately turned to the intuitive sciences of healing.…those that western science cannot measure or prove…but have been here for our benefit since God created us.

Regardless of pitiless critics close to me, I sought out healers because I knew I was losing precious time. In fact, the last healer who worked on me told me I was dying and I needed to seek medical help. Meanwhile the doctors told me I had created my own monsters and they couldn’t help me. I was even kicked out of a program for being ‘non-compliant.’

Prior to this incident I had already been meeting with J Michael. I began discovering the roots of my own particular set of irritants and blocks to living the life of joy and happiness my Creator had in mind for me. I knew when I first met him that he would be the last healer I would work with. I heard something audibly click into place in my soul.

You should know the only healers I would allow to enter my energy field professed a connection to the Almighty God. Yes, it is that important.

My first impression was the white light I saw surrounding him. The second was a huge grin that almost split his face in two. A genuine smile welcoming me into his office no matter what my problems might be. And to this day, I still regard him as one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, and that numbers less than the fingers on one hand.

I was surprised that our few meetings were rapid-fire talking, as though he was explaining the universe to me in a condensed version. I would leave tired, and yet refreshed in my spirit. Better yet, my problems started to look smaller immediately.

We discovered together that I had never learned to breathe correctly, something all babies do universally. He showed me how and walked me through the breathing exercise (which was very difficult for me). Much to my astonishment, when I opened my eyes, my vision was clear, I could see color better, and my anxiety was gone. No small feat for the first session.

He was kind enough to give me exercises with drawings to guide me through this new way of breathing. Since it was so new to me, he told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks to incorporate this new method into my lifestyle without thinking about it. The flow of energy was already correcting itself, I just needed to exercise it and learn it until it became natural.

Breathing was only the beginning. Here is the difference between J Michael and all the other healers. Basically they were EMTs, and whenever I was in crisis mode I had to go back and get worked on. The good feeling always wore off eventually. J Michael gave me a spiritual tool box I can use for any crisis I encounter, and I won’t have to pay someone to do the work for me.

Thank you, J Michael, I can do it myself now!

My connection to God and the spirit has never been stronger and is growing everyday. I thank God for sending me to my final healer, who will humbly say (and this is important) he is only the conduit, all the energy comes straight from our Creator.

Yours in the Spirit,