Medical Qigong Treatments

One of  JMichael’s Medical Qigong treatment techniques is based on the emotional detoxing protocal “Open the door – Remove the thief.”

“Out with the bad, in with the good” is perhaps a Western analogy – good defined as restoration of the natural flow of energy.

By dissipating the emotional charge around toxic emotions, Medical Qigong treatment reestablishes optimum physical and emotional health.

Medical Qigong

JMichael Wood provides Medical Qigong treatments in his Nashville clinic for a range of health conditions.

JMichael also offers Medical Qigong treatment in Nashville as adjunctive therapy for various cancers as well as energy balancing with specific protocols for a host of internal diseases. Additionally, pre- and post-surgery techniques relieve emotional trauma surrounding the surgery, speed recovery and help reduce scar tissue.

Clients also have found relief from the symptoms of many stress-related disorders:

  • Anxiety
  • Despression
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Post-Traumatic Stress

The mechanics of conscious breathing are taught first, creating ease and flow of breath to provide maximum oxygen to the organs, calm the nervous system and create a healing state of mind. Mental imagery is used to override previous unbalanced breathing techniques and create proper breath and posture.

Then the “Open the Door; Remove the Thief” technique is used to dissipate the charge around toxic emotional memories. Read a powerful testimonial from an abuse survivor who sought and received relief with Medical Qigong after decades of trying other therapies.

We embody these toxic emotions by way of the stimulus of betrayal, abandonment and rejection, and the emotional body reacts with anger and grief. Without a healthy resolution, unresolved anger becomes depression and unresolved grief becomes despair.

For our psyche to cope, we find methods to dissociate from the original trauma and pain. This emotional survival technique leads to the suppression of toxic emotional memories and may soon be reflected as disease in the physical body. JMichael works to unblock this suppression, using the body’s vibrational harmonies and focused intention.

Incorporating conscious breathing mechanics, techniques from the Hendricks Institute, Medical Qigong protocols, and the teachings of Master Robert Peng, JMichael customizes each Medical Qigong treatment session for the individual’s needs.

Each treatment session is 1 1/2 hours long; the fee per session is $150. To schedule an appointment or obtain more information, email JMichael at or phone him at 615 366 8940.

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